********** Research

Video editing products for the PC and Mac
Question: how do you make a youtube video
Question: how do you download a youtube video
Question: can you offer a movie house with youtube videos

Question: how do you convert a powerpoint, into a youtube video
Answer: bring youtube video clips to theaters
Answer: pre movie

Question: what graphic packages like powerpoint can you use to create an animation
Question: animations are better than movies, becasue there are no actors to deal with
Answer: we should concentrate on couple of things to start with
Question: like what??
Answer: wwe need to pick and choose what it is we awant to start wiht
Question: i think we should really learn what the top websites are....youtube.com for example
Answer: is it marketing
Answer: is it animation ...
Question: what about other countries and languages
Question: then we find the top ten video websites
Answer: well we can go there
Question: and learn what we can about them
Answer: once we have an successful launch with our product
Question: how fast are they growing
Question: what needs do they fill
Question: are there parasitic business opportunities
Question: like here is one
Question: if you want to tile your house, there are instructional tiling videos on youtube
Question: they are usually producted by tiling companies
Question: *produced
Question: so before, people wanted websites
Question: now they want videos
Question: another one is .. for the home
Question: why arent we all downloading digital movies
Answer: thats a good one
Question: what do you need to watch a digital movie
Question: just a Tivo
Question: how does that work
Question: do you pay like a rental fee
Question: do you keep it once you get it
Question: do all LCDs play the downloaded movies
Question: is blockbuster going to be out of business in five years
Answer: hmmmm
Answer: never thought of that
Answer: it very well could go out of business
Answer: with the techonology we have
Question: what about putting camcorders in places no one put them before
Question: like your eyeglasses
Answer: thats becoming a james bond thing
Question: hey look what i saw today, and you play it back
Answer: it would be cool
Question: or at least run it during business meetings, or doctors visits
Question: or putting a videocam on your car
Question: or what about all the webcams at traffic intersections
Question: how many webcams are instaleld by country
Question: what is the growthrate on that
Answer: i bet not mny countries have webcams installed
Answer: at tintersections
Question: so anyway .. we do our research and then we decide what to do next
Answer: i would have never thought of htis
Question: at the end we have a good website with alot of information
Question: we publish the website and get ad revenue from google
Question: then we can do another research project if we want
Question: or not